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Lambeth's rejection of our petition.
You decide if they have been underhanded.

Lambeth Council's first criticism of our petition was about our computer generated image accusing us of misrepresentation. They said;

Bus Wall
The gateway project team had been aware of the petition and had expressed concerns to the people collecting signatures that the display material accompanying the petition did not accurately reflect the revised design proposals. As a result those who signed the petition may have been influenced by an image and information that misrepresented the actual design proposals.

Following an independent report by Clark Chapman Research, we have asked for this accusation of misrepresentation (by Cllr Haselden) to be withdrawn.  Cllr Haselden has not even responded when this report was sent on the 24th February 2011.

Lambeth continued;

In particular, an image of the “bus wall” (as the petitioners called it) was misleading as the scale of the buses shown was out of perspective, parked cars that would not be there were included and one bus appeared to be parked in a location not proposed as a bus stand.

Below is Lambeth's portrayal of the Bus Wall, mostly obscured by trees. Surely this is misrepresentation?

Lambeth's obscurred Bus Wall.

The Research Company's report concluded that the Lambeth consultation material was biased and that our visual was not.

Lambeth went on to say;

The Council is aware of people who signed the petition but also completed a feedback form and rated the design as good/very good.

Lambeth totally misses the point. Their feedback form related to "design" - it does not relate to the concept. I am sure that some people did agree that the design was "good / very good" but still signed our petition that there should be bus stands on The Pavement.

Finally, Lambeth says;

The petition contains other anomalies. There are examples of people signing it twice and a large number of signatories live far from Clapham including Bethnal Green, Hampstead, Newport, Tunbridge Wells, Buckinghamshire, Dorking, East Yorkshire and New Delhi.

Lambeth seems to have ignored the fact that people working, but not living in  Lambeth were also eligible to sign the petition. It appears as though the Council you has gone through it with a fine tooth comb in order to rubbish it. Even allowing for a generous 10% error in signatories validity (which were all collected in good faith) still gives us over 1000 signatories.