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Whatever changes are eventually implemented they are intended to last for some considerable time.
Our Petitions 2010 & 2011

The Save Clapham Common Group ran two petitions, which between them raised almost 2,500 signatures, most from people who lived or worked in the Old Town Area, although Lambeth continually tells us that there was one signatory from Bombay and we apologize for this if true. Was Lambeth trying to rubbish the other 2,499 signatures?
The 1st petition to Lambeth - 2010.

We petitioned Lambeth so that;

There should be no bus stands or bus stops located on road "The Pavement" and that no part of the road "Old Town" should be closed off. 

The 2nd petition to Lambeth & Transport for London - 2011.

To redesign the proposed Clapham Gateway scheme so that there should be;

    A - No Bus Parking Stands on the road called "The Pavement".
    B - No Bottleneck by Bromells Road/The Pavement.
    C - No Bus Stops in front of shops on The Pavement.
    D - No loss of overall parking,
    ("overall parking" meaning residents parking, evening or weekend
    parking on single yellow lines).

In this petition signatories were given the option to select all or any of A, B, C or D.  The vast majority ticked all boxes.

Our clear aims above dispel any accusations by the small number of our opponents that we wish to scupper the Gateway Scheme.

We are wholeheartedly in favour of improvements to the Old Town Area, provided they do not detrimental to the bus service and benefit the wider community.

Below are pictures of our one-line petitions, which again were quite clear about our aims.

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On separate pages, we also look at how our children will be affected if the original "Gateway" plans go ahead.

In our opinion, the original plans are
ill-considered and unworkable.