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Whatever changes are implemented they are intended to last for some considerable time.
Clapham Gateway

State of Affairs as of February 2012

Original scheme rejected

In 2011, the scheme which the Council had proposed since 2009 was rejected by TfL as unworkable. This, after spending £250,000 trying to progress it in a blinkered way.

Original scheme flawed

For two years, we warned the Council that their favoured scheme had fundamental flaws and was unworkable and our petitions sought to correct these. Local Councillors, past and present, from all parties have said that this scheme was inappropriate and disagreed with it.

Early on, the Council was even warned by a member of its own Steering Group that it was risky to proceed with the scheme without first establishing its viability. Sadly the Council did not listen.

Bus service

TfL have advised that funding for the welcome improvements to Old Town require that the bus service must maintained. The Council and TfL have agreed that to achieve this buses have to remain in Old Town, where they are at present.
TfL guidelines

In 2011, TfL provided guidelines to the Council for a regeneration scheme for Old Town. These were that the existing bus service should be maintained or improved and any new arrangement of bus stands or stops should not be close to residential accommodation in order to minimise disturbance to residents.

By October 2011 the Council had not come up with a suitable scheme so TfL produced a concept plan with a bus layout with four live stands. In the Council's current plan four dead stands are proposed. This means that two new bus stops have to be added outside Starbucks and Sainsbury's Local in Old Town. 

The Latest Scheme.

Sadly, we do not think the new Council concept is right. You can see Lambeth's latest concept plan on the left. The new concept will reduce the bus service to Old Town, does not have sufficient capacity for the buses and has new bus stops and bus stands in four new locations - as well as where they are currently in Old Town.

More Disturbance for Residents

All of this is detrimental to the bus service and Old Town and will cause many residents in a number of new locations unwanted disturbance.

This will be particularly relevant to the residential properties located near the new proposed bus stops outside Starbucks and Sainsbury's Local. These will be used by the 88 which is a 24 hour bus service.

We do hope that this time the Council will listen to these warnings - but so far they have not.


Misinformation abounds about the Clapham Gateway (now renamed the Clapham Old Town Regeneration Project), so we hope our website will correct any inaccuracies. 

Save Clapham Common Group would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has given support for our cause in ensuring the The Clapham Gateway Scheme is one that is done properly.

More thanks too for the encouragement you have given us when signing our Petitions, which campaigned for amendments to the scheme. In total, we obtained almost 2,500 signatures, the vast majority of which came from those who live or work in the Old Town area.

For those unfamiliar with our group and why it was formed you can read our history by clicking here. On the separate page you can also see a list of our supporters and read some of the many comments that have been sent to us, whilst we campaigned to get the flaws in Lambeth's original scheme addressed.